Video interview with Pyramidion, the metal band inspired by Ancient Egypt

Pyramidion is a band which, in its own words bring a more West Coast style to Ancient Egypt inspired  metal. Kyle ‘Hem’ Scott, the vocalist and Greg Nicholls, guitar player, were friends of over 10 years in the same music scene. However, they only discovered they have a mutual passion for pharaonic times, when Greg had the idea to fuse Egyptian guitar scales with the metal sound. Experienced musicians Adam Repetowski on guitar, Max Matthews on drums and Ryan O’Shea on Bass complete the line-up.

The band’s lyrics draw heavy inspiration from how brutal the lives of ordinary slave workers were in Ancient Egypt. Kyle ‘Hem’ Scott feels the pharaohs get way too much coverage. So, as lyric writer, he puts the ordinary workers who built some of the great wonders of the world at the forefront in Pyramidion’s songs.

They are currently busy preparing their second EP which will come out soon. An exciting feature we are eagerly awaiting will be a video for an upcoming song. Canada being, in the band’s own words, a lot wetter and colder than the place which inspired them, we will see how they convey an Egyptian theme in the clip.

You can check out their first EP at https://pyramidionmetal.bandcamp.com/

The band’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/PyramidionDeathMetal/