Featured Photography: Boats in Vietnam by Nergling

This week, we feature the story behind a beautiful picture of a Vietnamese fishing village, taken by the UK photographer who goes by Nergling on Deviant Art.


To start off, could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Hi there, my name is Alex and I live in the UK with my wife and cats (one of which is quite photogenic and ends up in lots of my pictures).

Can you please tell me the story behind how you took the picture Boats in Vietnam? (For example, describing the location, whether you stumbled upon the location or looked it up before going, if you took the photograph with camera or phone…?)

I was travelling through Asia at the time and had been in Vietnam for about a week. I had ended up on a boat trip out to Halong Bay and we stopped alongside little floating fishing villages. Some of these people have never set foot on dry land their whole lives, which I find amazing. Of course being in such an amazing place lends itself well to photography and naturally I had my camera on me, a now ancient (but still working) Sony Cybershot DSC-T77 10.1mp (I always used it on 5mp though simply so I didn’t have to change the memory card as often).

What was the mood of the place and do you feel that you were able to capture the atmosphere in the photograph?

The whole place is very relaxed, I think islanders and sea villagers set their own pace of life. Certainly they live a much healthier life than many people who live in cities and eat the same processed food everyday. One of the ways of showing off your affluence here is to have a great boat, or have it nicely painted, similar to how we have flash cars I suppose. I think I captured the feeling of the place quite well.

How did you decide upon the composition of the photograph? (For example, a bamboo pole cuts out a person in green sat on the pier which is interesting)

To be fair I didn’t aim to cut the person out of the photo with a bamboo pole, I was on a boat at the time that was docking with the side of the village and it just so happened like that when I took the picture. I wish it hadn’t as it would have been a better photo for it having a little ‘Where’s Wally’ person just hanging out in the background. I did some post production on the photo too, whilst my camera is still functioning just fine, it was quite a bright day and the colours were kind of desaturated so I fixed that; I also changed the angle of the bamboo to be a bit more upright as I’m pretty OCD with my pictures like that.

And how does this picture fit in with other pictures you have taken?

This is just one of many photos in my gallery, I like to think of myself as a bit of a jack of all trades. I paint miniatures, photograph them and then post process them with gradient backgrounds. I have played around with acrylics, watercolours and charcoals. I have painted a selection of Magic the Gathering cards for a friend. I do writing with illustrations and finally I run a fledgling YouTube page. All in conjunction with holding down a full time job, going to the gym, and running so I’m always busy! Next on the tick list is kids I think, wish me luck!