Evacuation by Thomas Stoop: An environmental piece part of an open-ended personal project

Interview starts below the image Evacuation Credit: Thomas Stoop Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Hey I'm Thomas Stoop, born and raised in Holland. During classes in high school I liked to draw and scribble so when I graduated I decided to combine that with gaming (I played a lot of games) and get into ...


To Hold Hands or Not: How paying attention to shadows paid off for Niklas Lindskog

Today, Culture in Context has the great honour of interviewing Niklas Lindskog. He kindly agreed to answer questions on the inspiration and circumstances in which he took the picture To Hold Hands or Not. The shot requires lightning reflexes and sharp eye for lighting and shadows so we were curious to hear about it! More ...


How Green Day inspired the title for this Helskini street shot

This week, Culture in Context had the great privilege of interviewing Tomi Pajunen, a Helsinki-based photographer. We learnt about how taking a camera on a run for school books paid off with I Walk Alone, and how Green Day inspired the title of the photograph. Interview below the image Could you please briefly introduce ...