Evacuation by Thomas Stoop: An environmental piece part of an open-ended personal project

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Evacuation Credit: Thomas Stoop

Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Hey :) I’m Thomas Stoop, born and raised in Holland. During classes in high school I liked to draw and scribble so when I graduated I decided to combine that with gaming (I played a lot of games) and get into Concept Art. I started out at this really bad school, where I stayed for four years until I graduated by basically playing videogames for four years. After this I started my bachelor where I got more serious about concept art. After four years I graduated again and started doing some freelance work while keeping my eyes open for opportunities. I came across a vacancy at Atomhawk, applied there and now I work there as a Concept Artist :) I mainly use my artstation as a portfolio, which you can find here: www.artstation.com/artist/thom…

What inspiration did you draw from to create your art work Evacuation?

For this particular piece I didn’t really draw inspiration from anything. I just went by what I already knew and liked and just rolled with it.

What was the creative process behind the art? For example, did you start the work with a title and theme in mind or did you give the piece a title at the end?

We did sort of a challenge thing with some colleagues, where we picked a theme and everyone had to submit something by the end of the month. The theme was “Getting away”. Since I wanted to do an environment piece I tried to think of something that would have an emphasis on the environment, but still stick to the theme. I have also slowly been working on a personal project, which I wanted to tie this piece in with. The idea behind the piece is that the people who lived there are leaving behind a world that’s in ruins and I didn’t like “Getting away” as a title, so I went for “Evacuation”.

How does The Evacuation fit in with other artwork you have created?

Like I said before, this piece is part of a personal project. I have made some other pieces for this project which you can find here:
Currently it’s mainly just about a world in ruins without a solid story behind it. It’s not very clear where I want to go with this project, but I have some ideas that I will work on when I find the time for it.
More to come!