The Culture in Context blog’s core value is inclusiveness. It aims to be an inclusive destination for artists to showcase their creations and explain the story of how their work came about. No matter the art form, region, how mainstream or obscure it is…, this website will feature it.

Telling the story of how the featured piece was made is the one consistent thread in this Culture in Context blog. This allows people a lot of freedom to showcase the works of their choice, for the enjoyment of all.

We want to explore the full extent of the world’s cultural richness. So we ask people to explain the story behind the art to make it accessible to people who have never come into contact with a particular art form before. Again, our desire for inclusiveness means we wish that no knowledge of art be required to enjoy our website.

Using the reach of the internet, we hope to provide a home for the stories of how and why underrepresented art was made. That being said, popular genres are more than welcome to be showcased as well. The more, the merrier!

If you have a story to submit, please do so by sending it to storiesbehindcreations@gmail.com

We look forward to showcasing your work!