Visual Art

Evacuation by Thomas Stoop: An environmental piece part of an open-ended personal project

Interview starts below the image Evacuation Credit: Thomas Stoop Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Hey I'm Thomas Stoop, born and raised in Holland. During classes in high school I liked to draw and scribble so when I graduated I decided to combine that with gaming (I played a lot of games) and get into ...


The beautiful outcome of Rosemary Clunie’s playful adventure into the world of digital prints

Rosemary Clunie is an accomplished artist who has exhibited her works widely, including at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. As she explains on her website,  her paintings seek to let people's imagination take them away from negative, violent depictions we are surrounded by and so they can then re-engage with ...


A timely exploration of the Migrant Crisis through art, by KV Duong

At a time when the tragic fate of Syrian refugees fills headlines, KV Duong tapped into his recent family's history to explore, through art, both the physical and emotional journeys migrants undertake. [ More text below the image] MOM, ARE WE HOME YET? PART-I  Credit: KV Duong The artist, creator of the Migrant Crisis ...

Feather image

Traditional First Nations wood carving in Vancouver

Chris Turo, of the Dene Nation, showcases the traditional First Nation wood carving tradition by creating a beatiful wolf paw feather ...